Mr. Speaker, tattoos, lingerie, Ozzy Osbourne concert tickets, gambling, cruises, exotic dance clubs, prostitutes, and new sports cars. Members may ask what this list is. No, it is not Larry Flynt's Christmas wish list. These are examples of purchases made on Federal credit cards by Federal employees for which American taxpayers picked up the bill; they always do.

Today I have introduced the Government Credit Card Sunshine Act. This act is simple. It requires every government credit card bill to be posted on the government Inspector General's Web site within 15 days of its use. It also states that Federal employees whose credit card abuse is more than $500 shall face immediate dismissal, be forced to repay the bill, and sometimes return the items. This serious scandal is stealing and is unacceptable behavior. We are now going to hold Federal employees accountable for ripping off America. So no more abusing the Federal credit card at the taxpayers' expense; otherwise, pack your toothbrush, you are out of here.