Mr. Speaker, Bruce Hammond came to Washington, DC yesterday. He traveled here with the Twilight Wish Foundation to have his lifetime desire to see the World War II Memorial granted.

Bruce Hammond was an 18-year-old drafted right out of high school in 1944. He served honorably in the United States Army in Europe. Hammond, from Cleveland, Texas, had his wish fulfilled through the Twilight Wish Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to demonstrate care and respect for seniors in America. It grants wishes for seniors on fixed incomes who are below the poverty level. Some wishes are as simple as supplying a hearing aid.

Hammond wanted to see our country's tribute to World War II veterans. Corporal Hammond spent most of yesterday at the Memorial with his sons in solemn tribute and reflection of his buddies back in World War II.

I commend the Twilight Foundation for working to honor our seniors, and we shall always remember our Greatest Generation and their sacrifice and service to this country.

And that's just the way it is.