Mr. Speaker, the American people overwhelmingly support border security, but for some reason, some political pandering pundits in Washington, D.C., want to pursue an unwise, open house amnesty policy before dealing with the real first important issue of national security.

   It's an issue of trust. I don't think Americans believe our government will really ever secure the border, no matter how many empty promises are made. The reason is too many special interest groups want lax border enforcement for their own political agenda.

   Those who want cheap plantation labor and those who want greater political power seem to want the border laws we have ignored. The motives appear to always be about money or power.

   However, our government would do well to assume its constitutional responsibility to protect America. The government has the ability, but not the will, to protect the border.

   Congress needs to provide adequate resources for border security. The government has the responsibility then to enforce the law and not give in to special interest groups. Then we can deal with the people that are here illegally after the government proves it has the will to secure our homeland.

   And that's just the way it is.