Mr. Speaker, Turn off the ovens, the school bake sales are over.

Bake sales in schools are as American as apple pie and the flag. Parents like Janet Huberty in Atascocita, Texas and other parents in PTAs and PTOs use bake sales to raise money for the school band, cheerleading uniforms and iPads for students.

But now, the almighty federal government has cooked up new rules controlling public school bake sales. No more cupcakes, oatmeal raisin cookies, popcorn or pizza can be sold for playground equipment or student trips.

The Washington regulators, many of whom have their kids go to private schools—that are not covered by the new rules, say kale chips and quinoa are to replace snow cones and Valentine candy. Isn’t that lovely?

Local parents and educators should control bake sales, not the federal government. Today, I am introducing legislation to keep the feds from interfering with bake sales by local schools.  What is sold in bake sales to help school kids in Texas or any other place across America is frankly none of the business of the federal government food police.

And that’s just the way it is.