Mr. Speaker, Lance Corporal Jeremy Burris, 22, was buried last week in Liberty, Texas, after being killed in Iraq. This young marine was honored at a funeral by the entire town for his heroism.

   But a few days after his funeral, outlaws desecrated Jeremy's grave site. Some reports indicate the suspected criminals may have been antiwar peaceniks that commit violence in the name of peace. They disrespect and dishonor the dead by their vandalism.

   But whoever committed such dastardly deeds should be quickly captured by the local sheriff. After these grave-desecrating criminals are convicted, they should be sentenced to serve time at Gitmo prison in Guantanamo Bay. After all, that is where America houses other war criminals.

   So, Mr. Speaker, those that commit crimes against the graves of our fallen war dead are nothing more than war criminals and should be treated as such, because justice is the one thing we should always find.

   And that's just the way it is.