Madam Speaker, today I recognize Port Arthur police officer, Rickey Antoine for his commitment to law enforcement and traffic safety.

On August 21, 2008, Officer Antoine was awarded 2008 Traffic Officer of the Year by Texas Department of Transportation's Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program (STEP) that offers grants for police officers to target a specific area of enforcement during overtime. The Texas Department of Transportation acknowledged Officer Antoine for his ``outstanding achievements and extraordinary efforts to save lives on Texas streets and highways.'' Being the first time a police department east of Houston has been recognized for its efforts, this is a great accomplishment for Officer Antoine and the Port Arthur Police Department.

Despite issuing traffic tickets not being pleasant for him and hearing many complaints, Officer Antoine has dedicated his service to enforcing the law. He has issued hundreds of traffic tickets in the two years he has served on the Department's traffic unit. He has even ticketed motorists driving 5 miles over the speed limit, which appears to be absurd to violators, but Officer Antoine sticks by the law to ensure traffic safety.

While Officer Antoine would rather not write traffic tickets, he follows the principle that drivers must take responsibility for their actions. Driving over the speed limit increases the risk of death in an automobile accident. Officer Antoine has devoted his career to limiting that risk for drivers by enforcing the speed limit to as many people possible.

Before Officer Antoine came onto the area stretching across Ninth Avenue, speed limits were almost always violated.

On behalf of the Second Congressional District of Texas, I congratulate Officer Rickey Antoine for his accomplishments and applaud his dedication to traffic safety and making Southeast Texas a better place to drive.

And that's just the way it is.