WASHINGTON, November 14 -


Mr. Speaker, the House of Representatives has voted numerous times to repeal ObamaCare, but the President finally admitted today that ObamaCare is just not working. And so to save his flawed legislation, he has decided to selectively enforce the law, the individual mandate, the idea that you can keep your own insurance. He says he won't enforce the fine for noncompliance for 1 year.

His method is unconstitutional. The Constitution requires Congress to write, rewrite, and amend laws. No President can just use administrative discretion to not enforce laws or change the law. Administrative discretion is just not mentioned in the Constitution. Selective enforcement violates the 14th Amendment.

No President can just administratively change any law. What's next? Is he going to raise taxes by administrative order?

Congress must write the law. The President must enforce the law.

The House will address this very issue legally tomorrow by bringing up legislation that now the President seems to support. I assume the former constitutional law professor will sign on this excellent legislation that you can keep your insurance if you like it.

And that's just the way it is.