Mr. Speaker, in the inky darkness of night, during the hammering rain of Harvey, reservoirs released even more water with little notice to people downstream. Mean-while, hundreds of first responders battled the incessant rain, rising flood-waters, and raging currents to rescue people from homes.

Inside the dimly lit call center, 911 dispatchers answered call after call after call, racing to keep up as tense thousands dialed in. Dispatchers like 26-year-old Erika Wells worked 20-hour stretches, then trying to grab a nap or two.

With phones constantly ringing, the dispatchers sent rescue teams to homes packed with people in need of escape, a woman in labor, and families trapped on their roofs. 

As the 50-inch rain kept pounding and floodwaters rose, the dispatchers answered, calmed, and helped those in need. As the morning Sun finally broke through the Texas sky, the dispatchers emerged from their stations and finally checked on their own families, many of whom had their own homes flooded. 

These dispatchers are some of the Texas Proud that helped save others in the floods of summer.

And that is just the way it is.