Madam Speaker, as this Victims Rights Month of April comes to an end, the bureaucrats are also trying to end a fund that supports victims of America. The Victims of Crime Act requires convicted criminals to put money into a fund that then pays for crime victim services.

What a great idea: make criminals pay for the system that they have created. Make them pay rent on the courthouse. This fund is about $1.6 billion. This is not Federal money, this is not taxpayer money, this is victim money.

Now the robber baron bureaucrats want to take this money and put it into the abyss of the Federal Treasury. As one of the members of the Victims Rights Caucus, along with Jim Costa and Katherine Harris, we do not want the government to victimize victims again.

This money belongs to thousands of victims and thousands of victims organizations, including domestic violence shelters, rape centers, child abuse centers, and should not be taken away. Congress needs to prevent this stealth stealing of victims' money, and we must demonstrate to America that criminals will pay and be accountable for the misdeeds against the American people.

And that's just the way it is.