Mr. Speaker, lawmen sometimes give their lives in the line of duty while protecting the rest of us. Houston, Texas, Police Officer Eydelmen Mani was one of those brave men.

On May 19, 2010, he gave his life assisting fellow police officers in chasing a criminal in a stolen car. He was 30 years of age. He left behind his wife, Monica, and a 3-year-old son, Eydelmen Mani, Jr. He grew up in Houston, Texas, and was one of 11 children. He served as a Houston police officer for just 7 years.

Officer Mani was greatly respected by his fellow peace officers, and when the Texas Medical Center used over 100 units of blood in an hour-long, valiant attempt to save Officer Mani's life, his fellow police officers stood in line and raised enough blood to replace all of the blood that was used to try to save him.

Captain Victor Rodriguez, Officer Mani's supervisor, said he was the kind of officer who didn't say a lot, but his fellow officers knew they could always count on him to be there.

Mr. Speaker, we are all able to go about our everyday lives because of officers like Eydelmen Mani. We should never take their sacrifice for granted. He was a brave and courageous peace officer. Every day, the ones who wear the badge place their lives between us and the lawless. Officer Mani was one of those lawmen. He was one of Houston's finest.

And that's just the way it is.