Mr. Speaker, Congress is back in session, and our first major piece of legislation, to protect horses. You see, three or four places in America buy old horses and sell the meat to the French, for goodness sake, so we are going to protect American horses.

So we are going to protect American horses, the likes of Silver, Trigger and Buttercup, from the carnivorous French. This horse security bill will even provide a sanctuary or rest home for those old horses. Well, this Congress needs to be as concerned about border security as we are about horse security.

We need a border security bill with no add-ons that even the Senate will approve. Deal with border security before we talk about the contentious issues of immigration and illegals in this country. Why are we putting horse security at the forefront and not border security?

The American public expects and deserves better. Protecting America's borders should be our first priority. That needs to be our first duty. Stop the invasion at the border, then we can worry about the Europeans eating our horses, otherwise our country will ride off like the Lone Ranger and a ``Heigh-Ho Silver'' into the sunset of history.

And that's just the way it is.