WASHINGTON, March 14 -


Christians are under attack in the Muslim nation, Pakistan. Christians live in fear of being persecuted because of their faith. They can also face life in prison or even death if convicted of insulting Islam.

Some say that the religious laws are used as a tool to deal with personal vendettas. A Christian man living in Pakistan was accused of committing blasphemy. Suddenly, a large mob of men from a nearby mosque stormed his home last Friday night. The man was arrested.

Fearing for their safety, hundreds of other Christian families fled in the dark of night. On Saturday, the mob returned and began ransacking more Christian homes and setting them ablaze. According to Human Rights activists, more than 100 Christian houses were burned.

Mr. Speaker, Pakistan takes are money but they do not respect human rights of religious minorities. Some radical Muslmis believe that other religions should be tolerant of their faith but they are not tolerant of Christians and other Muslim sects, such as the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

That not ought to be.

But thatís just the way it us.