Mr. Speaker, in the border security debate, those that want to allow more illegals in this country just changed the definition of words to make it politically correct to accept illegals. But American citizens are not fooled. Donald Doiron of Nederland, Texas, writes to me:

``Since hearing the plan for treating illegals as guest workers, I have now undergone a complete reversal in my understand of the proper meaning of words. I used to believe that the definition of guest is one that is invited. Now I am told this is no longer correct.

``For instance, if a burglar breaks into my home, he really becomes a guest who is only working for a better life. Because he broke in for that reason, I must accept the obligation to provide him a job, health care, education, transportation, and living quarters for him and his family. I feel so much better now.''

Mr. Speaker, no matter how one puts the political spin, it is still illegal to enter the United States without permission. What part of illegal do the anarchists that want lawless borders fail to understand?

And that's just the way it is.