Mr. Speaker, when Bianca Ramirez left her Massachusetts home one Sunday morning for a jog, she had no idea it would be the worst morning of her life. Shortly after she began running, she was blindsided by a strange man in broad daylight.

He choked her into unconsciousness and dragged her into the bushes, brutally beating her. When she came to nearly 30 minutes later, she realized the horror that had happened to her.

With the help of counseling and other victim resources, Bianca is a survivor, and the criminal went to prison. Mr. Speaker, this is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

During this week, we remember the evil that victims like Bianca have endured. Victims like Bianca are the reason that Congressman JIM COSTA and I formed the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus, with the goal of ending modern-day slavery and giving victims a voice on the national level.

In honor of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, I ask Members to join me to honor and be a voice for victims of crime in America.

And that is just the way it is.