Madam Speaker, people die because of domestic violence: Rocio Alvarado, 27, Houston. Ella Marie Broussard, 26, Houston. Ericka Cavazos, 28, Houston. Marivell Garcia, 22, Baytown. Ebony Johnson, 22, Houston. Keisha Joseph, 34, Houston. Florentina Matamoros, 31, Houston. Maria Navarro, 37, Houston. Gloria Ann Ozuna, 18, Houston. Ziba Poursheykhi, 44, Houston. Susan Soogrim, 44, Baytown. Amanda Terlouw, 25, Houston. Prudencia Vallejo, 62, Houston. Khadija Williams, 31, Humble. Sheila Marie Davis, 35, Beaumont. Joyce Volrie, 62, Beaumont.

Madam Speaker, these victims were murdered by their intimate partner, spouse, or boyfriend this very year. Domestic violence is not just a family issue but a criminal issue, a health issue, an American issue. Madam Speaker, America must be concerned about what takes place in our families and the murder of spouses in the domestic violence situation. That is just the way it is.