Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) recently introduced HR 3789, the Consumer Cell Phone Number Distribution Protection Act to prohibit certain disclosures of cell phone numbers.

Currently, cell phone numbers and personal information can be sold to third parties without the consent of the wireless subscriber. Congressman Poes legislation will prohibit the sale of personal cell phone numbers for financial gain and enact stiff penalties for violating this law.

This legislation is not just about protecting the privacy of your cell phone number against unsolicited calls being charged to your account, said Poe. This is a security risk to every wireless subscriber because the information being sold often includes your personal credit history, including access to a persons parents names and numbers, spouse's names and numbers, past ten residences, and other personal identification information used in identity theft cases.

HR 3789, the Consumer Cell Phone Number Distribution Protection Act:

  • Makes it punishable by law to:
    • knowingly discloses to another, for gain, a wireless subscriber's cell phone number without the express permission of the subscriber for that specific disclosure, if the number--
    • is not already readily publicly available; and
    • was obtained by the discloser as a condition of completing a commercial transaction