Mr. Speaker, Nolan Bruder’s younger sister believed that she could trust her big brother. So when this 19-year-old brother offered her marijuana ‘‘dabs’’ and the opportunity to get high, she accepted, trusting him. But with Nolan’s pushing, she became so stoned that she no longer recognized the man in front of her, that it was her older brother.

Taking advantage of her drugged state, he sexually assaulted his own 16- year-old sister. This is repugnant, Mr. Speaker.

On May 17, Nolan was sentenced for rape of an intoxicated person. The sentence? A mere 240 days in prison and then probation. Why? Because the judge decided that prison would severely impact Bruder. 

Well, Mr. Speaker, isn’t that the point?

 Even evidence showed the defendant had no remorse and was smug at the trial. 

I was a prosecutor and a judge in Texas for over 30 years. I met a lot of rape victims and learned that their lives were forever devastated by rapists.

Mr. Speaker, sexual assault is never the fault of the victim, contrary to what Judge Follett thinks. Judge Follett got it wrong, Mr. Speaker. He got it wrong in this case. It is time for him to pack his toothbrush and leave the bench. 

 And that is just the way it is.