Madam Speaker, after spending last week with the Terrorism Subcommittee hearing testimony from the people who live and work on our southern border, the realization of the problem for failure to protect the border from invaders was dramatically told by border agents, local law enforcement, and citizens.

Those who pretend we have no insurgency into America live in the Never Never Land of ignorance. Testimony showed that individuals in Mexican uniform, driving Mexican vehicles, still cross into our soil. Human smugglers and narcoterrorists operate fearlessly on our southern border.

Border Patrol Chief Reynaldo Garza put it clearly, ``We do not have control of our border.'' This phrase should alarm even the border-appeaser crowd who take the side of illegals over Americans.

Former Texas Ranger Doyle Holdridge put it best when discussing what it is like on the Texas-Mexico border after sunset. He said, ``It gets western.''

Yes, it is lawlessness on this border that breeds violence, gunfire, drug trafficking, human smuggling and is a ripe place for terrorists to operate. It will continue to get western on our border until border security becomes a national security issue.

And that's just the way it is.