Mr. Speaker, "I will do my duty to God and my country."  This is part of the Boy Scout oath. When a Boy Scout becomes an Eagle Scout, some Members of Congress have an official flag flown over the Capitol and these words are requested to be in the official certificate which is given to the Scout, along with the flag.

   But the Architect of the Capitol, who is in charge of such matters, censors the word "God" in these certificates and only puts the word "country" in them.

   The word "God," according to the Architect, violates his rules against religious references. The Architect is the caretaker of the Capitol. We have numerous references to God in these hallowed Halls. Our history is based upon a belief in God, whether the Architect likes it or not.

   Maybe the Architect hasn't even seen the phrase "In God We Trust" above the flag here in the House of Representatives.

   What's next? Is he going to sneak over here in the darkness of the night and chisel off the word "God" because he doesn't want that word "God" in the Capitol?

   The first amendment right to express religious freedoms is being violated by the censor of the Capitol.

   And that's just the way it is.