Mr. Speaker, Mexican nationals are not happy about the U.S. sending our National Guard to the border. Generalissimo Vicente Fox is not happy about it either, which tells plenty of Americans that it is probably a good idea.

For the first time in a long time, there will be more U.S. troops defending our border than Fox has crossing his border into the United States. Since 1996 there have been more than 200 run-ins between border patrol and highly armed Mexican soldiers coming into the United States.

One Texas sheriff's deputy recalls being outgunned while chasing drug dealers after Mexican soldiers mounted machine guns on the ground 200 yards inside Texas, and when those drug dealers got one of their SUVs struck in the Rio Grande trying to flee back into Mexico, a Mexican military humvee tried to pull it out.

Illegals look at invading America as a challenge. One said this week, ``No Guard, no wall will keep us from crossing. For Mexicans, there are no obstacles.''

American borders and laws are not a challenge. They should be a promise, and I am proud our National Guard is keeping that promise to protect the border and America from invasion.

And that's just the way it is.