Mr. Speaker, in February this House passed two bills that are well over $1 trillion: the illusive Stimulus Bill that rewards special interest groups, and the Omnibus Appropriations Bill. Both were passed.

There are even more high-dollar government programs being planned in back rooms of this Capitol.

So how much is $1 trillion? Well, it's 1 with 12 zeros behind it. It will buy you 36 million Chevrolet Malibus. It's spending $1,000 a day at the mall for 2.5 million years. Or it will pay the college education for every high school graduate for the next 10 years.

Mr. Speaker, the problem with this spending is we don't have the money, so we're going have to borrow it or raise taxes. Both of those are bad ideas. This big government spending spree agenda is not helping our economy. The stock market keeps going down. Congress is forcibly taking money from Americans to spend on programs that don't work, and also acquiring debt that Americans yet to be born will have to pay for.

And that's just the way it is.