Mr. Speaker, Sara Carter, at the Washington Examiner, reports the Mexican Government is opening up a satellite consular office on Catalina Island in California. It will be housed at the island's country club. Catalina Bay is a postcard picture of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but the island has a long history of drug smuggling and human trafficking.

The consular's office is not there to help people come to the U.S. legally. Instead, the Mexican Government is giving out I.D. cards, called matricula cards, to illegals. These cards are used by illegals in the United States to get credit, to open bank accounts and--get this--to receive federally funded housing on the island.

The Mexican Government is an accomplice to the unlawful entry by these illegals. As further evidence of the willful arrogance of Mexico to violate and to ignore U.S. immigration laws, ICE officers said Mexican officials asked them to temporarily halt the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws on the island.

Isn't that special? Meanwhile, the invasion continues.

And that's just the way it is.