Washington, Dec. 1 -


Mr. Speaker, according to The Washington Times, last December, five Mexican nationals armed with at least two AK-47 rifles were infiltrating the rugged desert ñ the American desert, that is. Thatís right, Mr. Speaker. Cartel soldiers were reportedly on our side of the border in Arizona ìpatrolling in single-file formationî with the goal of ìintentionally and forcibly assaultingî Border Patrol agents.

They spotted and opened fire on four U.S. Border Patrol agents. Agent Brian Terry was murdered. Two cartel assault weapons found at the scene were connected to Operation Fast and Furious. Mr. Speaker, you recall thatís the operation where our government facilitated smuggling weapons to Mexican drug cartels ñ the enemies of Mexico and the United States.

Military-type intrusions by the cartels will only increase. We need to defend our sovereignty and protect our Border Patrol and first responders. Itís time to send military equipment coming back from Iraq to secure the southern border from the cartel soldiers. This veteran equipment includes Humvees, night-vision equipment, and more UAVs. Incidents like this will only continue to occur until Washington elites realize what happens in Mexico doesnít stay in Mexico.

And thatís just the way it is.