Madam Speaker, the administration closed 900 Chrysler dealerships overnight last week and put an estimated 100,000, mostly nonunion workers, on the street and out of work. Even though many of these dealerships were profitable, it didn't make any difference to the Auto Task Force, since these unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats have absolute power ever since the government nationalized Chrysler.

And I thought the administration promised more jobs, not fewer ones.

In Chicago-business style, the administration is strong-arming these businesses and workers with a process that leaves them without legal recourse and sticks the business owner with millions of dollars of unsold vehicles by forcing them to close.

It should hardly escape anyone's notice that this is just what Dictator Hugo Chavez did earlier this month when he nationalized two U.S. oil company production facilities in Venezuela. Echoing a scheme that handed a U.S. company's assets over to Chavez's cronies, the administration nationalized these auto businesses and rewarded their own special interest groups, and once again, is picking the winners and losers in Chicago-style politics.

And that's just the way it is.

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