Mr. Speaker, Iran once again has blatantly scoffed at the West by breaking its agreements. Just this last week, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps test-fired several ballistic missiles.

The missiles were reportedly designed to hit our ally Israel and were inscribed in Hebrew, ‘‘Israel must be wiped out.’’ Under U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231, Iran is forbidden from undertaking any work on missiles designed to deliver nuclear weapons.

But the Iranians will do what suits them. The West—specifically, the United States— probably will do nothing about this test.

The Ayatollah conveniently breaks international agreements. Under the same U.N. agreement, the Ayatollah is prohibited from buying conventional arms for the next 5 years, but the Ayatollah broke his word again.

The U.N. agreement has not stopped Iran from negotiating an arms sale with the saber-rattling Russians. Mr. Speaker, the ink is barely dry on the so-called deal that the Obama administration made with Iran.

Iran is a rogue nation determined to destroy the United States and Israel. Meanwhile, the United States sits blissfully by and just wrings its hands.

Iran must be stopped. Sanctions must be enforced, and eventually the citizens of Iran must change their government.

 And that is just the way it is.