Mr. Speaker, the Government Accountability Office is in the border crossing business. Like the illegals, drug dealers, smugglers that cross both our southern and northern borders at will, GAO investigators recently crossed undetected from Canada into the United States in three different areas with, get this, red duffel bags of radioactive material, detonators and narcotics. They crossed with no problem, and no border agent was anywhere in sight.

   On the 5,000-mile Canadian border, there are no more than 250 border agents on duty at any given time according to a deputy chief of the Border Patrol. It sounds easy to slip back and forth unnoticed across the border.

   A GAO investigator said that ``there were substantial vulnerabilities on the northern border to terrorists and criminals entering the United States undetected''. While America's watching the front door to illegal crossing at the southern border, the back door is wide open to unwanted illegal guests on the northern border.

   Homeland Security needs to get serious about homeland security and shut the open doors to our homeland.

   And that's just the way it is.