Mr. Speaker, I want to congratulate and thank Texans that are helping our neighbors from across the Sabine River in Louisiana. The amazing hurricane relief efforts being organized in the State of Texas are a model for compassion, concern, and competence. The city of Houston, following the leadership of Mayor Bill White, is housing over 40,000 individuals from New Orleans. The Houston Astrodome has been opened up under the supervision of Harris County Judge Robert Echols and is housing close to 20,000 people. Next door in Jefferson County under the direction of Judge Carl Griffith, they are housing more than 1,800 people in their county complex. Altogether close to a quarter of a million displaced persons from Louisiana are being taken care of by Texas.

Mr. Speaker, there are those who have done nothing in this disaster except criticize and complain. I instead rise to praise and encourage. I would like to thank Mayor White, Judge Echols, Judge Griffith, and the thousands of volunteers across the State of Texas for showing us what character and compassion are all about. I know they will continue to ``git'r done.''