Mr. Speaker, part of the reason gasoline prices have jumped to record highs is because there have been no new refineries or major refinery expansion in America. United States refineries are at 97 percent capacity turning that black gold into gasoline at a rapid rate, but there is a tremendous demand for more refining capacity.

Royal Dutch Shell has announced that the Motiva Refining Plant in Port Arthur, Texas, will expand to become the biggest refinery in the United States. Construction will begin next year. Currently, ExxonMobil, in Baytown, Texas, is the biggest refinery in America. By the way, Mr. Speaker, both of these refineries are in the energy belt of the Texas gulf coast.

To get back on the path of energy self-reliance, the United States needs more American refineries and more offshore drilling. The country has not built a new refinery in over 25 years because of burdensome bureaucratic Federal regulations and environmental energy obstructionists. Congress needs to encourage refinery development and offshore drilling. That will increase supply so that the gasoline price at the pump comes down to an acceptable American consumer level.

The people of southeast Texas welcome Motiva's new progress, and we congratulate them on this endeavor. That's just the way it is.