Madam Speaker, as Americans worry about the economy, Washington is using the politics of fear to promote a so-called stimulus package. This $800 billion bill will cost every man, woman, child and illegal in the United States about $2,700. However, we're told unless we pass this big spending bill, we're, in essence, all going to die.

The intimidating tactics used by the proponents give money to special interest groups like museums, including, believe it or not, the Mob Museum. That's right. The Mayor of Las Vegas correctly claims the bill allows for millions of dollars to go to funding the Las Vegas show piece, the Mob Museum.

I wonder how the money for a high dollar edifice to glorify organized crime will help out our economy. Obviously, the government should not strong-arm the taking of the people's money only to give it to this or to other special interest groups.

Let the people keep more of their own money. Cut taxes for all those that pay taxes. Then with more of their own money, the people will decide how to stimulate the economy. After all, it is their money. And I doubt they will be buying tickets to a museum dedicated to organized crime.

And that's just the way it is.