Mr. Speaker, finally Congress says it will rein in and out-of-control spending. My neighbors in Texas are a little cynical and say, Prove it. One suggestion I keep hearing is regarding foreign aid. My friend, Sammy Mahan, a towing service owner told me to quit giving money to dictators. Well, theres a thought.

There are 192 countries, and the United States gives money to roughly 150 of them. With our economic times, 15 million unemployed and the debt monster looming over us, its time we reevaluate the citizen money we give away.

Someone has said that foreign aid is taking money from the poor people in rich nations and giving it to rich people in poor nations, and many of these receivers of taxpayer money dont even like us. As my friend, the gentleman from Texas Mr. Louie Gohmert says, We dont need to pay them to hate us. Theyll do it on their own.

We even give money away to China. We should reevaluate the money we give each nation. I suspect Israel and maybe a few others would and should receive United States help, but the rest need to do it on their own.

After all, we should take care of America first.

And thats just the way it is.