Mr. Speaker, America cannot afford illegals.

Last year, according to the Los Angeles County Supervisor, ``Illegals cost the county $220 million in public safety, $400 million in health care, and $440 million in welfare. Total cost to taxpayers for illegals far exceeds $1 billion a year, not counting millions for their (free) education.''

``This new information,'' he continued, ``shows an alarming increase in the devastating impact illegals continue to have on taxpayers.''

Illegals should not receive welfare or government assistance. Many Americans and legal immigrants don't receive needed social services and health care because money is going to those illegally on the land. Try getting treated in any hospital emergency room in the country. The silent secret in the crowded waiting room is that many there are illegals getting health care that someone else--Americans--pay for.

Still doubting? Then wander up to the maternity ward, where the mothers illegally in the United States are having babies at somebody else's expense.

Failure to control the borders allows illegal trespassers to reap what they have not sown and take what they have not earned from America and from legal immigrants.

And that's just the way it is.