Mr. Speaker, Steven Shulz joined the United States Marine Corps after 9/11 and wanted, as he said, "to strengthen the United States military."

   He did two tours of duty in Iraq, and in 2005 he was wounded by an IED in Fallujah. He had traumatic brain injury and was given up for dead.

   Mr. Speaker, last rites were actually given for him. But Corporal Shulz refused to die, even though he has permanent brain injury, a weak left side, and is blind in one eye. No one ever expected Steven to even walk; but he continues to go through rehab, and his recovery is remarkable due to awesome medical personnel.

   At a ceremony at the Baylor College of Medicine on Veterans Day, Corporal Shulz was presented with keys to a new home, especially designed and built for him, thanks to Houston area Rotary Clubs and benefactors in the Houston area.

   It was a thrill for me and other Members of Congress to be present to see this young American hero. I was so impressed by his positive attitude and his love for America. He told me he would go back to Iraq and do it all over again if necessary.

   Amazing men, these young guns of the United States Marine Corps.

   And that's just the way it is.