Mr. Speaker, Gary Spurger of Humble, Texas has written me about unlawful entry into the United States. He says:

``I am writing you as I sit here and listen to the news and watch on TV the protests against immigration policy reform. I am tired of seeing those protesters walking the streets that we taxpayers pay for, using our school buses and resources and then waving Mexican flags and chanting `Mexico, Mexico.'

``Please do not be blinded by the protests supporting illegal immigrants. If we don't take care of us then we will not have the ability to help others less fortunate. Allowing illegal immigrants to siphon off resources that they provide no compensation to will in the end be the fall of our society.

``We need to take heed of the lessons of history such as Rome. It fell from the inside by allowing fractured and discordant groups to maintain their own unique identity to the extent that it caused Rome to no longer be Rome but nothing more than a bunch of little other countries. Recent history is teaching us just by looking at France, it is no longer French but so inclusive to the point that France is nothing more than a hodgepodge of other cultures, not French.''

Mr. Speaker, people that come to the United States must do so legally and they must expect to assimilate into this country and become Americans.

And that's just the way it is.