Mr. Speaker, the President announced to Congress that he would freeze all domestic spending.

But, this week we heard the Administration say it wants to spend billions for more high speed rail.

And thats not all.

The Administration wants to give wireless to everyone at tax payer expense.

It sure would be nice for all Americans to be able to ride on fast choo-choos while reading the news on their wireless ipads.

But the country is out of money.

Our national debt has risen by $1.7 trillion since last year.

We need to focus on getting ourselves out of this crisis by cutting spending - not more spending.

Ask the 44 million people living under the poverty level if they want their taxes to pay for the Administrations new Federal Polar Express.

We need to cut the spending.

Cut the borrowing.

Cut the taxes, and cut the size of government.

We are long overdue to stop subsidizing the governments special projects for its special people with money that doesnt exist.

And thats just the way it is.