Mr. Speaker, the new, reformed, inclusive, repackaged, politically motivated Senate immigration proposal is more of the same lip service we have heard for years about protecting our borders.

   In the 1980s, the American public was promised, and Congress passed, legislation that was supposed to beef up the border, reform the troublesome immigration service, and grant amnesty to 3 million people. The result? Our borders are less secure now. The immigration service is overwhelmed with mismanagement and lack of resources. But that amnesty deal, it did happen. Now 20 years later, the amnesty gift has only increased illegal entry, not slowed it down. We now have 12- to 20 million people here without permission.

   Why doesn't the Federal Government enforce the existing law and secure the border? Because the Federal Government doesn't have the moral will to enforce current law, and if Congress tries to pass a similar bill like the 1980s: we will get more of the same: lax border security and an immigration service that is in confusion. But we'll sure let those illegals stay in America. It's another case of second verse, same as the first.

   And that's just the way it is.