Madam Speaker, A bullet tells a story ..... Tells lawmen the gun it belongs to, identifies the outlaw that fired it. In Jefferson County, Texas, it proves an attempted capital murder.

Gang thugs--with disregard to the property of others--robbed a used-car lot in Port Arthur, TX. When the owner appeared, a coward amid the cloak of darkness fired his pistol.

Unaware he was an expert marksman, the wounded owner was able to return fire, striking the hidden gunman.

The bullet, pointing to the triggerman, now lays embedded in the suspect's forehead.

Refusing its removal, search warrants were issued ordering doctors to extract it.

Doctors backed down and have ignored the Judge's order. The excuse by the doctors: the removal would require the suspect to undergo surgery.

These doctors are confused who the real victim is. Not the outlaw with the mark of Cain, but the valiant survivor who took on his would-be assassin.

In direct defiance of a judge's order, citing the criminal's alleged right to deny treatment, these doctors have thumbed their noses, like insolent children, at our Nation's criminal justice system.

Madam Speaker, this ought not to be. Justice must be served ..... the bullet must tell its story.

And that's just the way it is.