Mr. Speaker, the border war with Mexico continues. On the Mexican side of the border, Mexican nationals hide on rocky hills and throw rocks at American border agents. These assaults have continued to increase and escalate to the point that the Border Patrol recently acted in self-defense and fired tear gas at the unruly mobs.

You see, these are the same Mexican nationals that later will illegally sneak into America when the Border Patrol isn't watching. After the most recent tear gas episode, the Mexican Government sent a self-righteous statement to the United States that said, even though "these incidents are a response to hostile acts against Border Patrol agents by Mexican citizens, the actions by U.S. authorities are unacceptable."

The Mexican Government seems to arrogantly support its rock-throwing nationals but doesn't want Americans to defend themselves.

Mexico needs to get its lawless house in order and control the disorderly mobs that lurk on the border. The United States should use every tool available to protect our borders from invaders, rock throwers, and drug smugglers. And if Mexico cries tears about it, too bad.

And that's just the way it is.