Madam Speaker, Brazil has become a haven for stolen children from the United States. There are over 50 kidnapped children in Brazil.

Fox News 26 in Houston, Texas, first brought attention to the story of one little girl who was stolen from her father--my friend and constituent, Marty Pate. Marty lives in Crosby, Texas, and he has not seen his daughter, Nicole, in 4 years. Her mother, Monica, is a native of Brazil. She took Nicole on a trip there in 2006, and she never came back.

Legal documents from Texas give Marty joint custody, and international law requires Brazil to return Nicole to America. Marty wants to see his daughter and have her visit her family in the United States, but officials in Brazil are still stonewalling and are ignoring their legal duty.

Our State Department must pressure Brazil to follow its international treaty obligations, and Brazil must stop sanctioning the kidnapping of American children.

Marty has the right to be reunited with his kidnapped daughter, Nicole.

And that's just the way it is.