Madam Speaker, Yale University has won first place in the Annual Campus Outrage Award. The award is given to universities that worship the God of political correctness. Yale wins this year because according to the College Network who bestows the award, ``Yale enrolled a former Taliban official with a fourth grade education in the name of the sacred cow, diversity, which now appears to extend to the enemy combatants who make war on the United States.''

According to the Washington Times, second place went to DePaul University, which ``suspended a professor without a hearing after the professor attempted to debate students handing out pro-Palestinian literature.''

DePaul was also recognized for suppressing free speech rights of students who protested a professor's writings that said the United States deserved to be attacked on September 11, 2001.

Other universities who received awards were Stanford and Holy Cross for attempting to prohibit articles in their campus newspapers that criticized left wing philosophies.

Madam Speaker, have some of our universities lost their way by prohibiting liberty to those individuals who disagree with the university's elitist, narrow-minded snobbery? And that's just the way it is.