Madam Speaker, as we approach Memorial Day, we remember our military who served our Nation. And here is one of those. This is Frank Buckles, Jr. This was recently taken.

Frank Buckles just turned 108 years old. The reason I mention Frank Buckles is because he lied to get into the Army in World War I at 15. He served in Europe. In World War II, he spent 3 years in a prisoner-of-war camp in Japan. And, today, here he is, 108.

I mention him because he is the last doughboy of World War I. Of the 4.4 million that served, Frank Buckles is it.

We have monuments on our Mall for World War II, Korea and Vietnam. But, Madam Speaker, we have no monument for those that served in World War I. America never got around to it.

It is time America gets around to building a memorial for Frank Buckles and the 4.4 million that served, and the 116,000 that never came home from World War I.

And that's just the way it is.