When foreigners commit crimes, serve their time, they should be sent back to their native land; but some jurisdictions ignore this commonsense idea and foreigners are not deported. In fact, an audit ordered by this Congress showed that foreign citizens get arrested, go to jail, and on an average--get this--six more times they are arrested after they are released from American jails and not deported. That's right, foreigners commit a crime, go to jail, then cities let them hang around to commit more crime in the ``Land of the Free.''

The Federal Government has even dumped taxpayer dollars into jurisdictions to help the cost of jailing these foreign criminals. Some jurisdictions take the money but don't help with sending these outlaws back home. San Francisco took $1 million, but, folks, it is a ``City of Refuge''; in other words, give us your tired, your poor foreign criminals who steal and rob that are yearning to be free, and we will let them stay in the City by the Bay.

Foreigners who commit crime should go to jail and then be sent back across the seas where they belong.

And that's just the way it is.