Banking products aimed at illegal immigrants do not reinforce the need for a temporary worker program. They reinforce the need to enforce the border rules, strengthen interior enforcement of immigration laws and punish companies who openly flout the rule of law.

How do we expect to hold employers who knowingly hire illegals accountable when American banks are rolling out the welcome mat to illegals and giving them credit?

Issuing credit cards to people without valid and legitimate documentation makes no sense. The banking industry would have you believe it has to do with helping these poor individuals with bad credit history. This is nonsense, again. It is all about banks cashing in on the underground illegal cash economy, pure and simple. It is all about money. It always has been, and it always will be.

I am proud to be a cosponsor of H.R. 1314, the Photo Identification Security Act that Mrs. Blackburn has spoken about and offered tonight. This legislation will close the Federal loophole created in the PATRIOT act that allows for financial institutions to accept these bogus alternate forms of identification when opening accounts or obtaining credit cards.

Like Mrs. Blackburn pointed out, many American citizens and lawful immigrants have difficulty obtaining credit or credit cards, but banks are making it easier for illegals to obtain credit and credit cards.

This bill will require any official business with the Federal Government or financial institutions to accept one of the forms of identification that are normal, such as a Social Security card, with a government issued identification card, including a state driver's license, a U.S. or foreign passport or U.S. citizenship and immigration service photo identification card.

The Mexican government-issued matricula consular card under this new legislation will no longer be accepted. Now, Mr. Speaker, the MATRICULA CONSULAR CARD, issued by the nation of Mexico, is an identification card made by the Mexican government for Mexican nationals that are illegally in the United States. Banks and even our Federal Government have now begun to accept this as a valid identification form. We need to work with the banking industry and convince them to maintain the integrity of our laws and provide strict guidelines on acceptable and secure identification policies. Banks like Bank of America need to stop encouraging illegal entry into the United States and quit pandering to the illegals that are here, all in the name of the all mighty peso.

So I appreciate the time the gentleman from California has given me and, hopefully, working together, we can stop this nonsense of allowing illegals in this country to obtain special privileges over American citizens and lawful immigrants.