Mr. Speaker, talk radio today is like the Liberty Tree in Revolutionary War times.

The first Liberty Tree was in Boston where the Sons of Liberty would gather around a large elm tree in the public square. They would talk about the issues of the day and voice their political opinions. Anyone could speak. But the British military cut down the Liberty Tree because colonists spoke out against taxes and the King.

Now it sounds like the redcoats over at the FCC are trying to put the ax to the Liberty Tree of free speech again. They say they need to protect the American people from hearing things that are just too controversial. So their answer is to control the speech content of those radio rebels. The redcoats at the FCC say they must determine what the masses hear.

Mr. Speaker, the notion that anyone in the Federal Government has the right to censor political speech is an affront to a free people. The Constitution protects political speech because it's sacred. We defeated the British because they wanted to control speech, and now it's time for those who still believe in the First Amendment to defy the redcoats at the FCC.

And that's just the way it is.