Mr. Speaker, U.S. Border Agent Luis Aguilar, Jr. was on patrol in January on the Arizona border chasing two vehicles of suspected drug dealers. As the vehicles, a Hummer and a pickup, realized they had been discovered and fled back to the Mexican border, Agent Aguilar put road spikes in front of the vehicles. The Hummer, however, went off the road and ran over and killed Agent Aguilar.

   The driver, Jesus Navarro Montes, was quickly arrested by the Mexican government and held on unrelated drug charges. However, he was released 6 months later because the U.S. Government never requested extradition proceedings.

   Members of Congress have asked the Justice Department what happened. We received a standard bureaucratic, nonsensical letter saying, ``we're not telling you.'' In other words, our Justice Department blundered by not requesting extradition, and now won't admit it.

   This is incompetence. Montes, meanwhile, is still probably running drugs into the United States.

   We owe it to all border agents and the family of Agent Aguilar to capture this killer. Maybe we should offer an old fashioned reward for his capture, and let our friends in Mexico do the job our government won't do.

   And that's just the way it is.