Mr. Speaker, this year started with thousands of Iranians, including many young people, taking to the streets in opposition to the corrupt regime of the mullahs in Iran. Iranians face brutality, imprisonment, and execution simply because they want freedom of expression and disagree with the Iranian Government. 


Protests in over 100 cities have been silenced by the IRGC thugs as the rogue regime continues its crackdown on human rights. The government has shut down the internet and social media.


The United States should stand with the Iranian people by seeing to it that the Iranians have access to social media through satellite communication. If we help the Iranians have freedom of expression through speech and press, the world will know how the illegitimate regime persecutes its own people. 


Hopefully, the people will remove this dictatorship and have a government that they, the people, put in power. After all, isn’t that what freedom is all about?


And that is just the way it is.