Mr. Speaker, Americans pay millions a year of their money in health care costs for illegals. Now it is time for those renegade businesses that hire illegals and the Mexican Government to pay.

Charles Hamilton of Spring, Texas, writes me: ``Texas taxpayers should not be made to pay the brunt for the high concentration of illegals here that the Feds won't stop from coming into our country. It might be an incentive for employers not to hire illegals if a tax was levied on each illegal hired. Employee rosters showing names and Social Security numbers should be checked for each company each year. Companies with illegals would pay a tax to cover the illegals' hospital costs.''

Mr. Speaker, Dallas County, Texas wants to bill or even sue Mexico for the hospital costs of illegals. But get this: The Mexican consulate arrogantly says, ``You can't do that, it is illegal.''

Mr. Speaker, the coconspirators of businesses that exploit illegals and the Mexican Government that encourages illegal entry need to pay for this health care. It is morally wrong to expect American citizens and legal immigrants to pay.

And that's just the way it is.