Mr. Speaker, the battle on the second front continues, and the U.S. Government shows it is on the wrong side of the border war.

Two border patrol agents named Ramos and Compean chased a drug dealer down on the Mexico-Texas border. Gun shots were exchanged. The drug smuggler fled back to safety in Mexico, leaving his van and 800 pounds of dope on the American side.

The U.S. decided to prosecute. The U.S. Attorney went to Mexico, found the drug dealer, took him to America, treated his bullet wounds, and then, get this, gave him immunity to testify against agents Compean and Ramos for their shooting him, the criminal.

Both border agents were convicted by an overzealous prosecutor that was looking for pelts in her belt. She appeared to have more loyalty to Mexico than to America because she was on the wrong side.

Both agents await sentencing. The two border agents should have been given medals and sent back down to the border to bag another drug dealer instead of being prosecuted.

Yet another example of how our government is more concerned about illegals and drug dealers than they are about America and Americans.

And that's just the way it is.