Mr. Speaker, our path to energy independence is anything but that. We have become more energy dependent on foreign governments, and our own government continues to find new ways to control our lives regarding energy use. The government is in the toilet bowl control business. Now toilets must meet strict Federal regulations, but these expensive toilets must be flushed more than once to be effective.

   The government now polices our washing machines. But new regulations that limit water usage are so ineffective with these new gizmos that Consumer Reports states the government machines don't get dirty clothes clean unless they're washed multiple times. So much for saving energy.

   And now the government is in the light bulb police business, requiring expensive new bulbs to be used that are only made, ironically, in China. Instead of finding new ways to punish and police Americans for using energy, we should find new efficient sources of more energy.

   I doubt if our forefathers fought for independence at Valley Forge just to give us an all-controlling government that demands how citizens use washing machines, light bulbs and toilet bowls.

   And that's just the way it is.