Mr. Speaker, 40- year-old Mexican national Oscar Perez Rangel had already been deported twice. He left the United States with a host of felony convictions, including attempted robbery by firearms and illegal reentry.
But holes in the U.S. border allowed the outlaw to sneak back into the U.S. a third time. Here in the U.S., Rangel’s girlfriend ran a daycare center. It was there that he set his sights on a next victim—an unsuspecting 12-year-old girl.

For 3 months, he molested and raped her. Finally, he was caught and charged.

Eventually, he will be turned over to ICE and deported again. Mr. Speaker, we must have the moral will to secure the border.

Criminals who violently assault, rape, and pillage America are slipping back into the country under the radar. We must prevent criminal aliens like Rangel from reentering our country after they are legally deported.
Secure the southern border. Do it now, or there will be more 12-year-old victims.
And that is just the way it is.