Mr. Speaker, private industry is creating solutions to protect the Gulf of Mexico. Because the government doesnt create anything.Government just stops things from being created.Like jobs.

ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Shell Oil have announced a new coordinated plan. Theyre building a new emergency oil spill containment system to protect the Gulf. Their deepwater rapid response system will capture and contain oil in a blowout emergency. It will be engineered to be used in underwater depths of up to 10,000 feet. And under different weather conditions. The initial capacity will contain 100,000 barrels per day.

These oil industry leaders have committed $1 billion to fund the initial costs. Engineering, procurement and construction of will begin immediately. ExxonMobil is leading the effort on behalf of the four companies. This is great news for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. American private industry is taking the lead.

The administration needs to end the moratorium on drilling, get out of the way, and stop killing jobs in the Gulf of Mexico.

And thats just the way it is.